InDebted Docs

Release Notes

Stay up to date with the latest features, improvements and bug fixes in our Collections Platform.

15 Jul, 2021

  • Account Upload now ignores invalid values for customer Title, DOB, Emails, Phones and Address fields, as long as all other validations succeed.

10 May, 2021

  • Transaction Upload now supports reopening settled accounts.

30 April, 2021

  • Account Upload now supports Originating Creditor information.

12 April, 2021

  • Recalled accounts can be reopened by uploading the same accounts again.
  • Payment Reports and Payout Reports now include the Name and ID of the Statement Of Work associated with the paid accounts.

1 March, 2021

  • Payment Reports are now available in addition to Payout Reports, as a way to provide notifications of customer payments within the next business day.

20 November, 2020

  • Customer DOB is now optional. For regulatory compliance, at least two of the following fields must be provided: date of birth, email, phone, address.

15 October, 2020

  • Account Upload supports Statement Of Work ID as per commercial agreement.
  • Account Upload supports Balance Breakdown of Principal, Interest and Fees.
  • Account Upload supports Product Information such as BNPL Merchant.
  • Account Upload supports Client Display Name per customer.

21 September, 2020

  • Account Recall is available via file upload.
  • Account Upload requires a minimum Balance of 100 cents.
  • When a customer address is provided, Account Upload requires a valid State, province or territory for the corresponding Country. Only applicable for countries where state is required.
  • Transaction Upload now requires ProcessedAt to be on the same day or later than the corresponding account referral date.

6 June, 2020

  • Initial release of Account Upload, Transaction Upload and Payment Reports.