InDebted Docs

Transaction Upload

You can update an account balance at anytime with a Transaction Upload. This is essential to keep your customers up to date on a regular basis which helps avoiding disputes and contributes significantly to collections performance.

Download a sample file with a variety of transactions.

Filename convention: YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss.csv

Header Format Description
AccountRef * String Same value as you have provided in the Account Upload which represents the account in your system.
TransactionRef String Unique value representing the transaction in your system. This value helps identifying and troubleshooting your transactions in our system.
TransactionType * Constant, e.g. Charge This value determines the purpose and arithmetic operator of the transaction. See all Transaction Types below.
Amount * Integer representing a monetary value in cents, e.g. 100 means $1.00 Amount to be applied to the corresponding account Balance. This value must be greater than zero.
ProcessedAt * String time formatted as per RFC 3339, e.g. 2021-01-30T21:37:42Z Date and time when the transaction was processed. Must be on the same day or later than the corresponding account referral date.
Description String Contextual information for this transaction such as the reason for charging fees or payment reference number.

Transaction Types


Used for charging customers. For example, accrued interest or fees.

This will increase the account balance.


Used for compensating customers. For example, waiving fees after a dispute resolution.

This will decrease the account balance.


Used for indicating that you have received a payment directly from the customer.

This will decrease the account balance.