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Our Collections Platform has the following principles.

  • Automate everything while keeping the human touch to the customer experience.
  • Leverage data to optimise performance through messaging and financial models.
  • Embrace simplicity. Do one thing and do it well.

Process Overview

Platform Flow

1. Account Upload

Once you refer accounts via SFTP, we automatically start communicating with your customers. We recommend you to keep us updated with balance changes via Transaction Upload.

2. Messaging Intelligence

Your collection performance improves over time as we learn about your customers and fine-tune our collection strategy. Compliance is built-in from the first communication to every follow up.

3. Customer Payments

We accept Debit Card and Direct Debit as allowed per region regulatory requirements. Payment security is built-in with PCI certification from Stripe, our global payment partner.

4. Payment Reports

As we collect payments, we provide Payment Reports on a daily basis. This is useful in case you need to reactivate your customer accounts as soon as they have made a payment to us.

5. Daily Payout

As we collect payments, we also transfer the total amount into your nominated bank account on a daily basis. This is useful to reduce risks of potential end of month delays.

6. Payout Reports

Once we have initiated a Payout into your nominated bank account, we provide Payout Reports. This is useful if you need to process financial reconciliation on a daily basis. This information is also attached to your monthly invoice.