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Account Recall

You can recall an account from InDebted at anytime for edge case situations or as agreed in your Statement Of Work. Once an account has been recalled, we cease collection activities immediately.


Accounts cannot be recalled in the following scenarios.

  • It has been paid or there is an active payment plan
  • It has been disputed or there is a customer case escalation

To get started download a sample file recalling 3 accounts.


Filename convention: YYYY-MM-DD-hh-mm-ss.csv

AccountRef*StringSame value as you have provided in the Account Upload which represents the account in your system.

Reopening Accounts

For reopening an account that has been previously recalled, upload the same account again and we will resume collection activities. Keep in mind that Account Upload does not allow balance updates. If you need to update the account balance, we advise you to do a Transaction Upload before reopening the account.